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Collagen Gel Plus1.7oz

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Using 99.95% purely extracted Collagen; it aids to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Aids in replacing collagen lost in aging process and Improves softness of the skin. Used as a powerful anti-aging product, Collagen by its nature also treats burns, prevents scarring and decreases the appearance of pigmentation stains. Promotes correction to pigmentation of skin to achieve a healthy glow. Ideal for mature and dehydrated skin. Ideal for all skin types ages 25 and up.

Do not use toner, it will prevent the absorption of the product. Apply a pea sized amount on the face and neck. Allow 1 minute to absorb. Follow with moisturizer. This is part of a 30-day intensive treatment and should be applied at night only if using in conjunction with Elastin Gel.


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